Sunday, November 6, 2016

Welcome to my blog! & My all about My Cats!

Hello! welcome to my blog. My name is Madi and I LOVE cats. I am twelve years old and I have two cats. My cat that I got when I was five , Is a brown american short-haired cat. Her name is Alice Kitty paw. I named her when I was five... that's why the "kitty paw" Is in there. My moms cats name is Indah. Indah is a calico american short haired cat. The reason why my blogs name is "Madi's cat rescue ", Is because I care a lot for cats and I hope to foster some in the future. I would like to rescue cats in the wild that need assistance and help. I would gladly take part in a humane society but, I am too young. Well thats all I have to say for now but I will write some stuff about my cats below.

                                                                             Bye for now!

         All about Alice: Alice Is an american short-haired cat that my Aunt Jennifer found wandering near her house one day in late July 2009. Alice was wondering around all by herself in a very high-populated part of the mountains. My aunt Jen decided to give me the kitten for my fifth birthday which was right around the time that she had found the kitten running around in her backyard. I opened up the box and There was a kitten inside and I was so amazed and happy! I originally named her Alex, thinking that she was a boy, and  I announced to my family that its name was Alex and everyone thought that I had said Alice..... So Alice stuck as her name . Now Alice is a 7 year-old fat-well-fed cat. And that's the story of Alice :)

      All about Indah : Indah is an american short-haired cat like Alice. Indah is white with gray and orange spots on her. My family got Indah at our local humane society . Indah's original name that her owners had named her , was confetti.The humane society named her Gretel, Then my mom named her Indah. Indah Is very energetic and crazy. Before Indah had gone to the humane society, Indah had an old couple for owners. Indah's original owners we don't know much about, except the fact that they were old, and may have died. We do not know how old Indah is. We do know that Indah is an adult though. That is the story of Indah :)